Take your time with your back strangles: Most if the Jiu Jitsu is a battle against the clock. We have to make decisions and perform moves in less time than our opponent if we are to put him under the kind of decision/action pressure that breaks people and let’s us finish decisively. Strangling from the back is a different sort of affair. Unless there is limited time left in the match, you will generally get results focusing on maintaining chest to back position and making sure you are securely hooked into both sides of his body first and only when these are preconditions met, switching towards the strangle. Understand that often position and control are partially lost as you attempt a strangle. Should this happen, STOP THE STRANGLE ATTEMPT AND RE-ESTABLISH CHEST TO BACK CONTACT AND CONTROL OF BOTH SIDES OF THE OPPONENTS BODY. Quite often there will be an extended period of time where you have to fight for position and control on multiple occasions until finally you get the strangle opportunity. This is normal – TAKE YOUR TIME. Nothing is more heart breaking that getting all the way to the back and losing the position due to over zealousness. Here, Craig Jones shows admirable poise and as he himself for a strangle. Note that he has established the two main prerequisites – chest to back position and is hooked into both sides of his opponents body (a leg on side, on the other). You can see he is in no rush to strangle – there is no reason why he should be – WHEN YOU ARE IN A WINNING POSITION – LET THE POSITION DO THE WINNING FOR YOU. Let your position be the main focus and your strangle merely an afterthought.

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