Great match up! This weekend in Honolulu Hawaii, Garry Tonon will take on the great ADCC Davi Ramos at Fight2Win @f2wbjj in a fifteen minute match allowing all submissions. Mr Ramos won ADCC in highlight reel and has superb upper body and lower body attacks. He is quite a bit bigger than he was then, so the match will be contested at 185 pounds rather than the 170 pounds he won ADCC and events. Mr Tonon has a long history of taking on bigger and opponents but this will doubtless be the toughest match up he has ever faced. Both athletes are focused on MMA now, but both are Jiu Jitsu centered MMA fighters so have kept their grappling skills high even as they made the transition. These are two of the most dynamic and exciting grapplers on the planet – keep your eyes out for this match!!

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