Be greedy with your pins: There are five major in Jiu jitsu. Two of them are non scoring – side and north south. Three of them score – knee on belly, mount and rear mount. Once you get in a to pass an opponents guard, it’s to maximize your scoring potential. Don’t be satisfied with the non scoring pins. There will be opportunities to rack up big scores by directly to mount, or if you pass to the side, progressing further to mount or rear mount. Once mounted, many escapes attempts by your will open up opportunities to move on to rear mount and vice versa. Being greedy for big points will translate immediately into more opportunities as your feels compelled to resist more. Here, Gordon Ryan has quickly transitioned to mount after an initial pass to the side. Now as his opponent tries to escape there is back exposure – if Mr Ryan can get past his opponents he can double his pin score. Don’t just hunger for a pass into a static pin – get greedy and use all the to create big scores that also create so much tactical pressure on an opponent that you are much more likely to be rewarded with more chances for

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