Control: The fundamental goal of good Jiu jitsu is always that leads to submission. A good indicator of the degree of control you have is HOW MUCH SPEED AND EXPLOSIVE STRENGTH DO YOU HAVE TO USE IN ORDER TO SUCCESSFULLY APPLY YOUR SUBMISSION HOLDS. As a general rule, if you can only get opponents to by exploding into at maximum speed and strength, you are not really controlling your opponent and you are using speed as a substitute for control. This will inevitably lead to a high failure rate and many injured partners. When you can use submission holds to RESTRAIN MOVEMENT and apply them in SLOW MOTION with the same effects as at maximum speed and power – then you know you are on the path to mastering CONTROL. Here, Gordon Ryan a young master of control, shows his ability to lock down even the most powerful and explosive opponents as he immobilizes the great champion Matheus Diniz and slowly and safely applies his heel hook submission even under the great stress of championship grappling. Make CONTROL your ideal and you can choose how you apply your submission holds and run the full range of gentle to devastating applications depending upon your circumstances