The best takedown for Jiu jitsu: Jiu jitsu is a grappling style mostly interested in ground work, since they is the best place to exhibit its central interest – control that leads to submission. Nonetheless there is a need to be able to get things down to the floor and takedowns are one of the most desirable ways to do this. It is natural to ask which takedowns are best suited to the unique rules and demands of Jiu jitsu. No one takedown is ever enough by itself – even if you had only one favorite takedown you would still need others to support its application. I have always believed that two takedowns in particular have a peculiarly strong appeal to Jiu jitsu athletes and could even be described as the most appropriate for the sport of Jiu jitsu when practiced in the gi (no gi i believe wrestling based takedowns are more effective. These are TOMOE NAGE and SUMI GAESHI. These takedowns do not expose you to submission counters, back attacks, getting caught under a heavy sprawl or counter throws. In a worse case scenario where they totally fail, you end up in open guard – not a bad outcome at all. They come naturally to most Jiu jitsu athletes since they are very similar to sweeps from open guard that we use every day – all that is required is some standing gripping skills and some and balance skills and you are ready to start your throwing journey. In addition, these takedowns are extremely suitable for the awkward bent over, defensive stances that so many Jiu jitsu athletes favor and which can make many forms of takedown feel difficult to apply. I believe that if Jiu jitsu players started investing time in standing Tomoe nage and sumi gaeshi skills, they would greatly improve their effectiveness in standing position – if you were going to pull guard – why not try these takedowns? Worst case you end up in open guard. Best case you send your opponent flying with a beautiful and acrobatic that ends with you two up on of a disoriented opponent ready to be attacked on the floor. Make a serious study of these two beautiful and effective takedowns and you will soon have a different standing game!

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