Obstacles: Sometimes when you run into a skilled guard player and it seems nothing will get you around their legs it gets frustrating. How you react to that frustration will determine your success or failure as a guard passer. We all have a natural tendency when frustrated to get the mentality of a ram and just on butting heads until drops. Don’t get into this . always that it’s always to go AROUND obstacles rather than THROUGH them – is no different. No matter how tired and frustrated you get, focus on moving from one side to another – as feel strong resistance on the left, move to the right and renew the attack and keep working aide to side until you get the breakthrough you seek. Don’t just kept hammering away on one side against a good guard player – that’s a ticket to frustration and eventual failure. If you feel yourself getting frustrated it’s ok to back off a little and start again. The main thing is to stay on top and work side to side – that alone will usually result in the bottom player working harder than you over time and thus become less effective as fatigue becomes a factor.

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