Learn to take a break: If you look at the standard of our lives you will that typically it follows a consistent pattern of periods of followed by shorter periods of where we recharge and renew, and then to work. So for example, on an average day we work for a period of hours and then have an hour for lunch where re relax and recharge and then return to work in the afternoon, followed by rest and dinner at home to prepare for the next day. Our week is similarly planned. We work five days in the expectation that we get two days of rest to recharge and renew and then return on Monday. Even the year is set up this way, with regular holidays set up throughout the year to create this sense of time off to recharge and get ready for a new effort upon return. This the pattern of our lives is periods of work and accomplishment followed by rest and renewal which itself is followed by a new period of effort. YOUR MUST FOLLOW THE SAME PATTERN. You cannot maintain great exertion forever. Learn to work in a pattern of short bursts of hard work followed by longer periods of lower and short periods of active rest. You will be surprised how many opportunities there are to take a even during a hard fought match. This will give you a chance to recharge and start anew in your battle. When you learn to cycle your work rate between extreme effort, moderate effort and active you will suddenly find you can for much longer periods than you could previously. Learning to mask your rest periods is a skill in itself – but one which will give you match winning endurance. You do it in every other aspect of your life – start doing it in Jiu jitsu.