Pinning is a weapon: We normally of the submission holds of Jiu Jitsu – strangles and joint locks – as the weapons of the sport. This is because they are what do the serious damage to an opponent. There is a sense however, in which high pressure pinning can be a weapon also. They may not break joints or render anyone unconscious but done well, they certainly can create so much discomfort and claustrophobia that they can make inexperienced opponents submit and even experienced opponents so miserable that they will expose themselves to submissions just to escape that misery. Just as you put a lot of study into your favorite submissions, so to must you out study into your favorite pins. In particular how to an opponent through his or her HEAD. Even though most of the heavy pins feature chest to chest positions, it’s not so much weight on the chest that makes opponents miserable as it is the use of their as a lever to their head. Next time you’re pinning your training partners take your time and let them simmer and cook for a while rather than rushing to the submission – you may well find that submission comes a lot easier when you finally decide to go for it