What have you gained today and what do you need tomorrow? Whenever the workout ends it natural to just relax and joke around and talk about your favorite topics (sex and violence). That’s fine – that kind of behavior builds class camaraderie that is crucial to long term development. But occasionally it’s good to delay the after class shenanigans a little and get a clear sense of what you learned about your today and what you need to on tomorrow. There are many factors that into making a good workout, but perhaps the most important is the most over looked – A SENSE OF PURPOSE. When you go into a workout with a clear sense of WHAT YOU WANT TO ACCOMPLISH – not necessarily today but in the future – you will invariably get more done and make greater than if you just show up and follow whatever happens in class. Take a approach to workouts and enter with the expectation of trying to achieve something rather than a reactive approach of just following the tide and what happens. Substantive Talk with team mates after class is a a great way to this – then you can get back to the sex and violence afterwards