A fundamental dilemma between attacks and attacks: Question 1: What is the most difficult type of body to sweep? Answer: extended/spread limbs that create wide with lowered center of gravity. Question 2: What is the most difficult body posture to attack with submissions? Answer: retracted limbs held close to the torso. As soon as you see the truth of these two answers to our two questions you will understand that the sequence of a attack from guard (sweep) will create a reaction (extended limbs) that makes an much easier to submit; whilst a submission attack creates a reaction (retracted limbs/narrow base) that makes them easier to sweep. ALWAYS TRY TO CREATE AND TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS FUNDAMENTAL POSITION/SUBMISSION DILEMMA AS IT APPLIES TO POSTURE. Your opponent can defend the first only at the cost of making himself more vulnerable to the second. Whenever you play the game, particularly from position, keep this in mind and you will get more breakthroughs than previously