When the workouts done: My are renown for their work ethic and I am known to push to their maximum in training. Less well known is that I am also a big advocate of a very informal and relaxed approach to post workout dialogue as a very important counterbalance to the grind of physical training. One of the best ways to create longevity in the sport is to match the toughness of training with relaxed banter and chatting about subjects that have no relation to Jiu jitsu. I am sure all of you do the same thing. It can’t all be about and productivity – we all need pressure release and dialogue among and comrades after class is the single best way to make this part of your Jiu jitsu journey. always that the path of Jiu jitsu is a long and frustrating one and the single biggest determinant of realizing you’re is STAYING POWER. Anything you can do that keeps you going longer is a blessing and nothing does that better than the venerable Jiu jitsu tradition of after class hijinks and banter. Interestingly when the Covid crises hit all told me how much they missed classes, but the single most common sentiment I got from them was that more than anything else they missed the post class camaraderie. Here I am with one of my most brilliant students and best friends, Brian Glick, talking shop and probably a few other topics well outside the shop as well What are some of the craziest conversations and antics you get up to when the arm strangles are over? (Besides leg locks)