Grip with four appendages – not two: When people ask me about gripping skills in Jiu jitsu they almost invariably want to talk about grip STRENGTH. Even when they talk about this they invariably refer to of the HANDS. Never forget that from guard position you must learn to grip with both AND feet. It is crucial that you develop dexterity in your feet so that they can grip and pull and push just like your hands do. The great of guard position is that it UNWEIGHTS YOUR FEET so that they can be used as two extra gripping limbs. You get to an with four of your limbs – he only gets to with two. Look how uber talented Australian grappler Craig Jones expertly uses all four simultaneously to grip up his as he closes distance. Your hands are only half the story of gripping in Jiu jitsu – only when you use all four appendages in concert will you maximize your gripping potential