Consistently Winning the little battles usually means you’ll win the war: A Jiu jitsu match is a series of little battles leading to progressively better situations until a point is reached where the opponent does not want to or cannot continue – then the war is over. This simple fact should be reflected in your training. If you want to mimic match conditions seek to win all the little battles along the way – the initial fights, the transition to the ground and subsequent grip fights, the battle to off an opponent if you’re on bottom or nullify the if you’re on top. In a competitive match these battles will back and forth – focus on winning bad many as you can and generally the final result will go your way. Most Jiu jitsu matches are won CUMULATIVELY. Onlookers only the RESULT, but in truth, most of the time it was taking the majority of all those little battles for grip, angle and position that determined the outcome before the finish. Fight in the light of this truth. Don’t get complacent over small battles – they all count toward the final result. Stay focused and be greedy – the more little battles you take the easier and quicker you win the overall war.