First contact – hands or feet? is all about connection. No connection to an means no grappling. At some you have to come to grips to make the action start. When you first come to make grips from you have a between feet and hands. In truth, much of that choice will be determined by your opponent. If he positions himself in certain ways – hands will make more sense – in others – feet will make more sense. When ever he denies you one, the other will be available. Generally in no you will initially use your feet to establish contact at the ankles and knees. Hands at the wrists, elbows and collar. Here, Nicky Ryan uses feet first due to and stance – use that first contact to read the opponent and move into establish more contact for greater control. Just as you water with a single hand or foot before jumping in, so too, test an opponent with a single hand or foot before jumping in to full connection.