Identify the problem: Every submission hold has an escape. Every escape involves a set of movements – but invariably there is ONE movement that does the majority of the of escape. For example in upper body submission holds from involving your such as triangle, juji gatame arm bar, omoplata etc – most of the early escapes are postural escapes involving your opponents rising away from you to create distance and this is the core of the escape/defense overall. Once you understand this as the athlete trying to perform the submission it’s all a matter of building increasingly powerful HEAD CONTROL as the basis of your submission from guard. Focus upon the most pressing problem pays big dividends in Jiu jitsu. In a word of ten thousand problems learning to focus on the biggest ones first makes a big difference to your performance. Under stress it’s much easier to solve one problem than a dozen ones simultaneously. Develop a clear idea of what the biggest threat to your success is and attack that threat relentlessly – you will soon notice the difference in your