Showdown in Texas night: Tomorrow night night In Texas. seniors Gordon Ryan and Craig Jones will take on two extremely talented opponents. In the co main Gordon Ryan will take on Jiu jitsu dynamo Roberto Jiménez – one of the most talented of the new generation Jiu jitsu players. They have battled each other in the gym before and it was a war! The stage always adds something to the equation so this should be a fascinating match where they know what they have to do to beat each other based on past experience and the one who finds their path onstage will take it. In the main event Australian grappling superstar Craig Jones takes on a surging star among the new generation Jiu jitsu athletes – Ronaldo Jr – who has been tearing up the competition scene recently. He is one of the fastest men in Jiu jitsu, very difficult to control. He is a star member of team ATOS, so you know he will be very well prepared and in tremendous shape. They always do a good job of sending their athletes out in peak condition and with a well worked out strategy. Both are fascinating match ups. I have always said that there are two main ways to excel in Jiu jitsu. You can either make yourself a master of movement and make movement your weapon; or you can make yourself a master of preventing movement and make control your weapon. Mr Ryan and Mr Jones are both true masters of CONTROLLING movement – but both of their opponents are masters of CREATING movement – so this will be a fascinating clash of styles! Weigh in is tonight here in Austin and then night @ will broadcast the action – i hope you enjoy the show!!