Plot your next move: There are times in Jiu jitsu where you have to move quickly and keep moving – there simply isn’t to think and you have to trust in the habits you gained through in the gym to prevail. Fortunately there are just as many times where you DO have time to stop, think and plot your among competing options. Unfortunately we all have a tendency to ignore the different of these situations and we often just unthinkingly charge ahead to the when we actually had plenty of to think and plot. MAKE SURE YOU USE TIME CONSTRUCTIVELY IF TIME IS AVAILABLE – it often means the difference between moving for the sake of moving versus moving with a purpose. There are many situations in Jiu jitsu where you exert sufficient control where you can take some time to figure out the next move. Here, uses the control afforded by a tight back head and arm (seatbelt) grip to plot how he will get hooks in and score