Getting out of trouble – and putting the other guy into trouble: If there is in Jiu jitsu that NEVER goes out of style it would be getting out of bad position. I don’t care how talented an athlete is – we all make mistakes and at some time we all find ourselves fighting for survival out of pins. My approach to pin escapes is a little different from most. I train my students to work in two phases. First the escape itself – then to develop a sensitivity to when the danger is past and then AN AND AGGRESSIVE THAT FEEDS OFF YOUR OPPONENTS DESIRE TO REGAIN THE PIN. This takes the humble art of defense into the devastating art of counterattack. Most athletes are satisfied with just getting. I teach to the extra distance AND EVERY ESCAPE WITH SUBMISSION COUNTERATTACK WHENEVER – and in MANY cases it is possible. Take this approach and you’ll soon find that your submission percentages double. Tomorrow I will release my escapes into counterattacks instructional video and showcase this attacking philosophy into your defense.