The power of escape: When we of powerful moves in Jiu jitsu you typically picture a slamming takedown or a bone crunching submission hold, or perhaps an immovable pin or unstoppable pass. We don’t typically think of escapes as demonstration of power – but they are – in a different way. Those typical power moves, takedowns, crushing submissions etc are all demonstrations of power over the opponents BODY. Escapes exert their power on an opponents MIND. Imagine working hard to take an opponent down, pass his hard and get to your favorite finishing position and then have an opponent repeatedly escape. Worse still, every time he escapes he immediately counterattacks and almost catches you as you are forced to flee and start all over again. Hard is tough, but repeated work with no forward progress and no prospect of it finishing is hard for the mind to handle. That’s exactly what unstoppable escapes do to an opponents mind in a match. If you can send a clear message to an opponent that he has no means of controlling and finishing you – the longer that match goes the worse he will begin to feel inside. Every escape brings your confidence up and his down. In a long match where points are not a consideration this is a huge factor. There is no lonelier feeling than being fatigued and disheartened by repeated frustration of being close to but never able to secure in a match that goes until one of you quits and you know you have no means of making the other guy quit because he can escape all your best positions without a problem. Here Garry Tonon launches into a strong kipping escape out of mount, about to be followed by a devastating heel hook follow up. There is a reason why he attacks so fearlessly and without abandon in his matches – because he fully believes in his ability to get out of any should his misfire in any way. The power of Escapes is thus not over the body but over your mind and your opponents mind – THAT’S real power