When you’re starting on the path to control mastery – focus on the upper first: The back is the most dominant position in a grappling match without . Nothing else creates such a mismatch between the control and submission opportunities of the attacker vs the defender. The SCORE comes from the legs – getting your two legs hooked into an opponents hips is what creates the score. However, the real world control comes from maintaining chest to back connection with or without the legs. When you first begin the back – focus on the upper body connection first and foremost. You can always get the hooks in later to score. Use your arms in seatbelt or double under control to form a tight initial connection and create a threat. As you get more advanced you’ll find there are ways you can get legs in first without conventional upper body connection but they aren’t the best place to start since you’ll be using those far less than conventional methods. Here, , a true master of back control, uses a safety first upper body connection to secure himself in a winning position, knowing that once this is done, getting the legs in later will be relatively easy