Priorities: In any given second by second scenario in Jiu jitsu there is a LOT going on. It’s easy to get swamped by all the information coming in and the need for decisions going out. When it all seems too confusing – prioritize the most important things and temporarily ignore the rest. For example, when attacking the back in a scramble there are many things to be concerned about – getting your hooks in to score, sinking the strangle to finish, winning the hand fight, tilting your opponent to your preferred etc etc but always the should be maintaining CHEST TO BACK CONNECTION. Without that none of the other things are possible SO THAT TAKES PRECEDENCE OVER EVERYTHING ELSE. For any given situation, no matter how confusing, ask yourself what is the single base requirement needed to fulfill all the other desires you have in that scenario – and put all your focus on that until you’ve got things under control and can to put your attention elsewhere. Using this simple PRINCIPLE will you direction and in even the most confusing and complex situations in Jiu jitsu