One strong threat will create defensive over reactions – THAT’S the best to attack! A strong first attack is a wonderful thing – it will get you a lot of wins if you really excel at that attack. The real benefit in the long term won’t come from that strong initial attack however – it will come from exploiting the predictable reactions to that attack with follow up moves you have learned to mate with the initial attack. Ask yourself what your favorite currently are. Then ask yourself what are the most common defensive reactions you encounter in response – and then the big question – what are the logical responses to those reactions? Here, launches into a move at which he excels – sumi gaeshi from a shoulder crunch grip. His has to contort himself to prevent the sweep – those contortions make him vulnerable to a cluster of follow ups appropriate to that contorted position. This is the pattern of behavior you want to establish in your . You don’t need a vast array of attacks but you do need some strong ones that create a genuine threat. It is the threat from which the breakthroughs will come. Organize your game into initial attacks and linked follow ups and watch your rate improve massively over just strong attacks in