Victory in Texas!! The squad came out strong tonight in Austin, Texas at the WHO’S NUMBER ONE grappling show tonight – four athletes competed with four decisive victories! Australian grappling super star showed his stellar development with a near perfect submission victory over great Jiu jitsu world Luiz Panza at the very start of his match with a beautifully applied heel hook. Mr Jones has deeply impressed all of us with his progress over the last three years and he showed it publicly here tonight with a flawless victory. Ryan showed his rapidly developing and passing skills with multiple takedowns and passes to rear mount against the formidable champion Gabriel Almeida despite the considerable size difference. Oliver Taza took on the brilliant AOJ athlete Johnatha Alves and was able to pass and briefly hold mount and then go into several powerful heel hook attacks. Mr Alves showed great courage to hold out despite the pain but Mr Taza took a decisive victory. Demian Anderson took on standout Luis Quinones. He weathered an early storm with impressive calm for a developing athlete and came back to win by a beautiful stranglehold after some nice control. Thanks as always to Garry Tonon and Gordon Ryan for help preparing and coaching the squad for action. Now it’s back to to film another instructional and then to Puerto Rico to get everyone ready for the next challenge. Thank you to Joe Rogan for a great podcast chat! Hope you all enjoyed the show!! Good night from Texas!!