Athlete safety in training: As a coach one thing I take very seriously is athlete safety in training. The single most common reason for derailed programs is serious injury. We are all mature enough to realize that a combat sport that focuses primarily upon breaking limbs and strangling people carries a of injury. We also accept that as long as the risk is inside acceptable parameters the benefits of Jiu jitsu skills are absolutely worth whatever the risks of injury are. My question as a coach is always to ask how to keep those parameters acceptable. This week I filmed in conjunction with BJJ Fanatics a on safety and how to reduce the of severe or catastrophic injury in Jiu jitsu. Periodic minor injuries are all part of the of the game – we all accept that – but no one wants to to hospital or worse, send a friend to the hospital with an injury that was entirely avoidable. I am going to release this video for free as a guide to avoiding unnecessary injury that I have observed over the years and which made a concrete difference in my room. A few simple training protocols can really make a difference. Pareto’s principle applies in so many aspects of life – including Jiu jitsu injuries. A few moves cause the overwhelming majority of severe/catastrophic injuries and removing them and replacing them with safer and more effective alternatives makes a real difference in gym safety. I will announce when editing is done and it is released. We all love training and we all accept that accidents happen – BUT UNNECESSARY ACCIDENTS DON’T HAVE TO HAPPEN – to keep your progress strong you need to be in the gym – and severe injuries will keep you out of the gym – so let’s train hard but also train SAFE to maximize your progress!!