The value of position: In the of GRAPPLING, the value of position is fourfold. First, it enables you to the upper body with submission holds. If you couldn’t pass guard, you would be limited to lower body submissions, so it enables you to access one hundred percent of the human body. Second, it creates an imbalance between your ability to attack with submission versus your opponents ability. From neutral positions you can attack each other with equal efficacy, but from dominant position you will be able to attack via submission far more readily than your opponent can. Third, position allows you to attack and re-attack at will until the breakthrough is achieved. If a first attack fails, you still have the position to launch a second, third or fourth attack until you get it done. Fourth, position creates pressure over time that breaks an opponent with fatigue and loss of hope, in extreme cases even outright panic. Once broken mentally, the physical breakthrough comes soon after. Now these are all valuable, the but in FIGHTING, position has a whole new value – striking. You can strike with great power and effect from neutral positions if you have the right skills, but striking from dominant positions is truly devastating. As such, you can never neglect your skill development if you think of your Jiu jitsu as part of a program to develop fighting skill. The damage you can inflict with strikes from dominant position can be meted out far faster and easier than any submission and the the terrible pressure it can create to an opponent will usually make subsequent submissions much easier.