One of the great honors of my career was to be involved with the two best ever in their respective arts – Georges St Pierre in MMA and Gordon Ryan in grappling. Watching these two incredible athletes get to the top from quiet and unknown beginnings to be the best of the best was truly an honor. It was amazing them work together on the mat today and learn from each other about technique and in ways that cross over between their respective sports. Jiu jitsu and MMA have always had a close relationship. I still believe that the fundamental appeal of Jiu jitsu is tied directly to fighting, even though they sometimes seem very far apart in some aspects of Jiu jitsu competition. The closer we keep them the healthier for the long term direction of Jiu jitsu. Congratulations to men for the incredible success they’ve had in their respective disciplines, thank you for the inspiration you have generated and the lessons you have shown; and wonderful to them in action again on the mats!