and your mindset: The of Jiu jitsu is control leading to submission. The most well known form of control is POSITIONAL CONTROL, where an athlete advances to the major scoring pins of Jiu jitsu which give him a greater ability to control and attack an than the opponent has return fire. Your when you achieve positional control tells you everything you need to know about yourself and your Jiu jitsu. When you get into a dominant pin, do you see that as AN END ITSELF? Or AS A MEANS TO AN END (submission)? If you celebrate the and see THAT as a victory, you will never express the ideal of Jiu jitsu. If you see the position merely as a step towards submission, then you have the that produces the ideal of Jiu jitsu. Once you get to the position it’s fine to take some time to establish control, tire an opponent, switch to another position etc, but inside your mind you must already be tirelessly searching how to go beyond the positional victory and on to the submission victory and thus to align yourself with the ideal of the sport. Here, Gordon Ryan goes beyond basic positional control from the back into a masterful trap that sets up multiple submission opportunities and creates a path from positional control to submission