Victory in Austin!! had a great win at The Road to ADCC grappling super fight event tonight here in Austin, Texas! He took on of the most talented 77kg grapplers in the world – Dante Leon – and won decisively with standing takedowns, scrimmaging up from guard position for wrestling reversals and some fine body lock guard passing. Unfortunately midway through the match he badly hurt his entering another takedown – the same injury that prevented him from the Roberto Jimenez match earlier in the year. Well ahead on points, he decided to sit to guard and use his retention skills to Mr Leon off until time ran out and took a decisive win. Obviously we will have to get that knee checked out, but still, it was a fine win using his expanding skill set against a top ranked opponent. It was a great night of action hosted by @mojassim80 and @flograppling and great to see the athletes in the ADCC rule set again. Congratulations to Kaynan Duarte, Michael Musimici and Roberto Jimenez who all took very victories tonight – the Jimenez/Ruatolo match was a like a highlight reel! Amazing from all the athletes tonight. Thank you so much to the many people who came to the Gordon Ryan seminar last night! It was awesome teaching here in Austin and great to show our approach to Jiu jitsu in this great city! Hope you enjoyed the show!