Vertebrates: The most fundamental feature of our human bodies is our vertebrate nature – our bodies are completely dominated by our most basic structure – a spine connected to our skull. Everything is connected to this. Because the head is at the end of the spine and the spine functions as a lever – HE WHO CONTROLS THE END OF THE LEVER – THE HEAD – CONTROLS THE WHOLE BODY. There are many ways as to HOW you can control the head from standing and ground, top or bottom. There are even more variables as to WHEN you can control the head based on your position relative to your opponent. Never lose track of the fact that the best overall way to control a human is through their head. Look for it whenever and when it’s available and when it’s not. You can do it more easily when an is wearing a jacket since it functions like a around the neck, but there are plenty of great ways to do without a also – either way – make it of the primary goals of your grappling style.