Resistance: We never really know for sure what moves our opponent will do in a match – but thing we DO know for sure is that he will resist every one of OUR moves. to OVERCOME and MOVE AROUND resistance is a lifelong study in Jiu jitsu. No cares how beautiful your moves look with a cooperative training during drills – what really counts is how successful you are at applying them in a competitive setting on a skilled opponent who doesn’t want to lose. This will require skills in SET UP. If you can disguise the entry to your moves in some way, then will be easier. It will requires skill in COMBINING MOVES, if you can follow a failed move with a second or third follow up, your opponent will often fail to follow the change in direction in time and be caught. Learning to disguise your intent and work in are the two best ways to resistance in all combat sports – Jiu jitsu is no exception. Be sure to imbed your moves in creative set ups and and the principle problem of sparring – overcoming resistance – will be much easier