Your mind is your greatest weapon – but your legs are a close second: We’ve all had the disconcerting experience of grappling against someone far stronger than ourselves. It’s a bad feeling when your opponents hands easily peel off your best grips and pull out of your best holds. Whenever you feel outgunned in strength – it’s time to use your basic of the human in your favor. No matter how much stronger your opponents hands and arms may be than your hands and arms – his hands and arms are not stronger than your legs. Make it a of your legs against his arms and you can realistically beat stronger people. The best place for you this study is submission holds that directly match your legs against an opponents head and arm – and the is king of this. Make it central to your training – and more importantly – central to your JIU JITSU MINDSET. THINK in these terms and you will begin to in these terms, and then you may start to surprise yourself when grappling bigger and stronger opponents