What’s your next move? When we begin Jiu jitsu our question is always “what move do I have to do to get out of this predicament?” As we grow in skill the new question becomes, “what move should I do to attack?” As you further still the question you must constantly ask yourself is “what move comes next if this one should fail.” The reality of beginner Jiu jitsu is that is most about escaping bad situations. Intermediate Jiu jitsu is most about learning skills to with which to attack. Advanced Jiu jitsu is mostly about the exchange of attack and counter against a highly skilled opponent who knows all the same moves you do and also how to defend them. As such, the great skill you need is not attack per se, but combinations and of attack working on the assumption that the first ones will usually fail and it will be the second, third or fourth that gets the breakthrough. Even when everything is locked in and the end seems assured – your mind should STILL be asking – WHAT’S NEXT IF THIS FAILS? Here, Georges St Pierre’s triangle track looks final, but his arm position will make entry into leg locks easy and automatic should it fail nonetheless. This is the spirit you want to aim for. Remember always that as a general rule in Jiu jitsu defense is easier than offense, so your must carry a greater degree of precision and persistence than a potential opponent counts on.