Angle: Mount and closed are essentially inversions of each other (as far as positioning goes). As such, they have something important in common – they require a pivot of ninety degrees if you want to your opponent with bars. This perpendicular shift is the key to strong arm bar attacks from mount and closed guard. The main obstacle to this perpendicular shift is almost always your opponents ELBOWS. It interesting how when we set a goal in Jiu jitsu, say an arm bar from guard, it out the most important precursor has nothing or little to do with the goal – but if that innocuous precursor isn’t satisfied – the goal will never be reached. The only way to turn ninety degrees against a resisting opponent is get the elbow of the arm you wish to attack inside your hip. You have many moves I am sure – be sure to clearly identify exactly what the essential precursors to all those moves are, so that you have a clear sense of what you have to accomplish before your favorite moves can work. This step by step approach is vital to your and progress.