You don’t have to rush: There are some times in Jiu jitsu where you and your opponent know what you want to do. Attack will be more difficult know since your opponent will be putting himself in a strong defensive position. It’s tempting to rush it – perhaps if you get the move into operation enough you’ll get there before his position is set. Maybe, maybe not. Often a way of doing things is and then let the opponent a little as he assumes you believe the move will no longer work against his defensive position – and then just as you feel him relax – go hard back into the move. Here, Georges St Pierre has one of his favorite grappling moves, Kimura from bottom half guard. Rather than attacking hell for leather against a good opponent who has already assumed a sound defensive position, you can see him waiting in a state of relaxed preparedness. He’s looking for feedback from his opponent. If he feels the opponent relax a little, he will explode into the kimura and get he opponents hand behind his back and force a roll either into top position or submission. This waiting game can be a great in an apparent deadlock – make sure you learn to in sparring you you can and act in this tactical fashion rather than just as and hard as you can