The relationship between POSITION and TIME: From your first day in Jiu jitsu you were told that position is the most valuable commodity in Jiu jitsu. The usual reason given for this is that superior position allows you to attack without fear of an opponent being able to attack you. Certainly this imbalance of attacking is a very important reason, but there is another. Position gives you the luxury of TIME. Once a dominant position has been attained, you can create over time. You can attack and FAIL multiple times – IT DOESN’T MATTER. As long as the POSITION doesn’t fail, it doesn’t matter whether the first, second or third or fourth attempts at submission fail – just try again until you succeed – as with every failed attempt your opponent gets more tired, making the subsequent attempt more likely to break through. POSITION MAKES A WEAPON, and of all the weapons at your disposal this often proves to be the of them all