Alignment and misalignment: The human body relies on good alignment to produce whatever it is capable of. When you watch champion Olympic weightlifters put up their boggling lifts you can the near perfect alignment of their bodies throughout the lift is what enables them to put up weights that would crush the of us. In Jiu jitsu too we need alignment when we want to be strong and efficient. Good makes the moves of Jiu jitsu easy. The flip side of this is that when we attack an opponent – THE ATTACK MUST ALWAYS BE AN ATTACK ON THE OPPONENTS POSTURE. If you can put your opponent into a forced, unnatural, contorted position, he will find it very difficult to defend himself. Look at how Garry Tonon is not satisfied with just getting a guillotine – he goes the extra distance and rotates his opponents head into an unnatural position that weakens the opponents ability to defend the strangle. With the spine misaligned it’s very difficult to even begin an effective defense, let complete it. Whenever look to take your opponents body out of alignment to double the effectiveness of your attacks!