What are you known for on the mat? In everyday life I am sure you are known by those around you to have a certain of that is distinctively yours and which makes you recognizable to them. For example, you might be known as someone who likes fashion, or cars, or fishing or some activity or point of view that characterizes you. of the most important elements in your development in Jiu jitsu is to develop your own Jiu jitsu or that characterizes your Jiu jitsu game. Once you have this will have certain expectations about you on the mat. YOU CAN EXPLOIT THESE EXPECTATIONS TO ADVANTAGE. If you are known as a dangerous back attack specialist, opponents will be very reticent about exposing their back to you. This will usually create defensive over reactions that you can use to win. If they on turning to face you to prevent back exposure, they will be easier to attack with guillotines, Darce and anaconda strangles. If they glue their back to the ground defensively, they will be very vulnerable to north/south strangles etc etc. Your and reputation is important in this regard. It will influence how people behave around you, and their behavior will be based on what you know about what they believe – and that is exploitable! So – what are you known for on the mat?