Getting ready for Austin Texas! Gordon Ryan, and I are getting ready for a big to Austin Texas to begin and training. I will teach a seminar here in Puerto Rico to raise money for local Jiu jitsu schools who supported us in our time here – it will be sad to leave the Island but I’m excited for the future. Going to Texas was always adventure for competitions – it will be to make a home! Initially we will teach out if a small local school Renzo Gracie Austin, but we will start scouting for our own place as we become more familiar with the city. The part will be re- how to drive! I have not driven a car since 1991! 😂😂😂 I will have to get a driver’s license like a teenager and to handle a modern car! 😂😂 I am pretty sure I will end up in some kind of vehicular disaster in the first week! 😂💀💀😂 Can’t to get in the ground week and start the journey to make Texas a Jiu jitsu powerhouse!