and feet: when you use your to grab something you will usually use your hands as the to the object you are grabbing. So if you want to pick up your briefcase – you will use your to grip the handle and your arms (in unison with other body parts) to do the lifting – the arms do the heavy work, the provide the connection. The legs and feet operate in a similar way from open position. In most cases, Your legs do the heavy work, but the feet provide the to the opponent. Knowing this, when you are open guard, you must be mindful to control your opponents feet as much as possible and seek to prevent them connecting effectively to your body (usually your legs). Foot control is to success. If the opponents feet can connect securely to you, he will be able to use his legs very effectively to cause you many problems; but if the feet can’t make effective connection, it will be more difficult for the legs to play an effective role. So when passing – MONITOR HIS FEET and try to prevent them connecting solidly to your legs. You’ll have a much easier time imposing your game when you do so