Negate first – attack second: Jiu jitsu can be a very scrappy game at times – especially when you and your opponent are launching on each other at the same time. It’s not wrong to do this; it can certainly make for exciting and entertaining matches, but it’s hard to develop the and needed to or finish on tough opponents when you are simultaneously attacking each other because you’re worried about defense at the same time you’re trying to conceive of offense. Often it’s a better approach to first shut down an opponents ability to attack you with subtle positioning of your and body before even thinking about your own offense. As your opponents falter, you will be able to slow things down and focus on what you want to do. Here, Gordon Ryan uses good positioning of his legs, arms and head to shut down an opponents guard offense for a brief period so that as the attacks slow down in speed and intensity, he can launch his own passing moves without distractions