Pinning: The notion of is central to almost all forms of grappling. In sports like wrestling and judo, pinning can end a match just as submissions do in Jiu jitsu. Jiu jitsu approaches pins from a very unique perspective – pins are understood to derive their value from their FIGHTING value. Only pins that prevent and using their legs to defend themselves and enter into sweeps and submissions are acknowledged – so the prerequisite is that you get completely past your opponents legs. The other guiding idea is that you should be able to create an asymmetry in attacking potential – an ability to strike or submit an far more readily than he can return fire. The more this asymmetry is exhibited, the the pin. Learning to get to, maintain, from one pin to another and attack from a pin is the centerpiece of the game in our sport. Work first on MAINTAINING a pin against resistance – that’s the first skill of pinning. Then work on moving smoothly from ONE PIN TO ANOTHER (and back if necessary) without being put back in guard – that’s your second skill. Once you’ve gotten strong in these skills, it’s time to to the third – attacking from pins with submissions. This can be frustrating at first because you usually have to relinquish the pin itself to do so, but it represents the pinnacle of so it’s a hurdle you must jump!