Hands: Almost everything we do in grappling begins with the hands. Our hands are compared with the rest of the body, but they are dexterous and fast moving. In truth they don’t have to be that strong since their real function in grappling is as CONNECTORS. Our hands connect us to an opponent and the big muscles of the legs, hips and back do the heavy work. Nonetheless, without that connection through hand we wouldn’t be able to apply force into an opponent with the rest of our body. As such, when it’s time to shut down a opponents ability to attack us in grappling – HAND is among the best methods. If you can strip away an opponents grip, trap his hands in place and/or frustrate his attempts to reestablish a lost grip, you can render his grappling null and void. to distinguish when a hand is liable to cause you problems and if it is, take the time to nullify or remove it, then you can set your own positive grips and focus on your offense