You’ve got five grappling limbs – use them all: we of ourselves as four limbed creatures, but in grappling your head can be used to push and an just like your arms and legs – your goal is to maximize and integrate your use of all five. Grappling is all about connection to your opponent so that you can exert whatever forces you have upon him. Your limbs are the spearhead of that connection. Here, Garry Tonon uses his right hand to shut down his opponents left. His right foot to maintain distance. His left foot to threaten his opponents base and his left arm/hand to prevent his opponent gaining an underhook – and while all this is going on, his head is used to maintain his seated stance. That image of simultaneous and automatic use of all five limbs is what you must strive for as you grapple. Your torso is your engine, but your five limbs are the transmission that enable you to apply that power to your opponent