Not every day in the gym will be a good day. In fact there will often be periods of weeks and even months where you feel like you’re making no progress at all. There’ll be days you swear you’re going backwards. Disappointment and frustration occur more often than in a tough room. Hang in there. Understand that everyone around you is progressing at a similar rate to you. Just as swimmers in a river current are carried at similar speeds by the river itself and so don’t see much reward for all their attempts at swimming; so too the room rises and makes everyone in it feel like their effort doesn’t make a difference. It does. You’ll have a day every so often where you get to see the fruits of your work. That’s how the works. Long periods of of tough work with apparently little progress and a few golden days randomly interspersed among them that reveal how far you’ve come. It’s true that rates of improvement vary over time. It’s true that some can make faster progress than others. It’s true that a change in training program can affect rates of progress – but I’ve never seen a case where someone trained regularly and sincerely and made NO progress. Rate of progress is important, but if your goals are long term, it doesn’t matter too much whether you get to those goals a little sooner or later. Remember always that whatever doubts are inside your mind about your progress – the only way you won’t improve at all over is to showing up.