When you control the head…An cliche in grappling is that if you control the whole body. There is a LOT of truth to this. Learning to exploit the value of this is a big part of your progress in Jiu jitsu. It has many manifestations. One of the most important for grappling is the use of the triangle not in its usual as a stranglehold, but rather as a means of immobilizing the head so that become more powerful. A fine example of this is Kimura. It can be very difficult to finish a Kimura when your opponents head is free to move around. When you begin in a triangle that immobilizes the head and THEN apply a Kimura the results can be devastating. The same goes for armbars, even American locks and wrist locks. Much of the to these moves involves a preliminary movement of the head – when that is taken away the locks become far more difficult to escape and more devastating in their effects. Next time your triangle isn’t working so we’ll as a strangle – use it to attack with joint locks – I’m sure you’ll be impressed with the results!