Rising from bottom position: Too often we have a mindset in Jiu jitsu that once we start in bottom we have to stay there until we sweep or submit the opponent. This is unfortunate. Just because because you start in bottom position doesn’t mean you have to stay there. There are MANY occasions in sparring and where sufficient space develops between you and your opponent which will allow you to come from bottom into takedowns (as opposed to conventional sweeps) and scrimmage for points in the ensuing scrambles you create – either reversing position or taking the opponents back as he tries to scramble away from the takedown. This mindset of staying down only when you are forced to stay down creates real pressure from bottom position and forces the top player to engage much more actively – this in turn makes conventional sweeps and much easier, so ironically, by adding a little more wrestling into your game, your submission percentages often increase. Next time your opponent backs away from the sweeps and submissions you are using from guard position – rise up into takedowns – you will be pleasantly surprised how often this can get the score that was eluding you when an opponent is disengaging.