New Wave Half Guard: I am very pleased to announce the release today of my latest instructional video NEW WAVE JIU JITSU: HALF GUARD: THREE DIRECTIONS OF ATTACK. I put a very heavy emphasis on training. In fact I believe that many athletes half guard makes more sense as a primary bottom position game than most of the more traditional bottom positions. Over the years I have noticed a general trend whereby many students get positive results in bottom position from half guard than they do from more standard variations of guard positions. This is particularly true of older students or those who are less flexible, slower, shorter limbed – many of these students struggle with classic variations of guard but quickly find a natural home in half guard and make faster progress there. In addition, half guard offers great potential for extremely effective distance control and so applies extremely well to and self applications where striking is involved. Another great advantage of is the ease with which it integrates into the game as part of failed takedowns and sweeps and the ensuing scrambles – it often gives those with a weaker takedown game a second chance at gaining after an initial failure. Perhaps the most important aspect for beginning students is that integrates so well with escapes. In live sparring are often easy to initiate but difficult to complete. Half guard gives you the ability to take even a minimal start with an escape and build it into a half guard from where you can fully reverse or submit even very tough opponents. If half guard is a skill set that sounds like it may help your game and your progress – check it out! Link in my Instagram bio.