Keep your up!!!! Every time you go to watch a boxing match there is some guy screaming at every fighter to keep their hands up. Of course there is an undeniable validity to the cliche even if it is an over simplification with many exceptions. It expresses the need for defensive awareness and soundness – to protect the most vulnerable part of the body in a boxing match – the chin. Similarly in Jiu jitsu. We also also need to keep our hands at times, but not to defend the since there is no striking – it is to defend the NECK – not from the danger of a punch, but from the danger of a STRANGLE. Make sure always to use your OPPOSITE the entering strangle hand if he is behind you and SAME if he is in front of you. Keeping your in these circumstances can stop small becoming big problems. As in boxing, don’t over do the “hands up” philosophy – but just as in boxing, don’t under do it either – defensive soundness is the of sensible Jiu jitsu and early neck protection is a big part of that