If you can SEE your opponents back – you can TAKE his back: The is a big part of the surface area of our body – that makes it a big target. Not only is it a BIG target – it’s a LUCRATIVE target. Nothing else scores more and nothing else gives more and safe position to submit your opponent. As such, there will be MANY opportunities to take an opponents in any extended engagement. In fact there will be MANY MORE THAN YOU REALIZE AND THAT YOU TAKE OF. You have to train your to see the opportunities before your body can make the movements to take of them all. If you can see even a small percentage of your opponents for just a second or two – there is almost always a way to your body to his back. Learning to believe and take advantage of this insight is one of the greatest ways to speed your and success rate in Jiu jitsu. What the eyes see, the rest of your body can capture – next time you see a flash of your opponents back – be ready to take the prize!