Outstanding!! The ADCC North American trials have been on this weekend with many amazing performances from the athletes across all weight divisions. Among those great performances were that have a remarkable element that pertains to many of my readers. I teach my instructional at BJJ Fanatics in Boston and two of the main demonstrations partners I work with are Placido Santos and Giancarlo Bodoni, of who regularly appear in my videos. Over the years they have diligently worked on the material we cover and often travel long distances for extended periods of time to come to train with us. Giancarlo recently moved to Austin to train with us full time. That dedication paid with both men having outstanding performances in the trials. Giancarlo won Gold in his division and punched his ticket to the biggest event in grappling – the next ADCC next year. He won against the biggest field in trials history over two grueling days. Placido came out guns blazing on the first two with a spectacular run of submissions – both men had a very high submission rate. It’s amazing to see the transformation that new knowledge and new ways of thinking can have on a self motivated and dedicated student who puts in the work necessary to transform knowledge into skill. I am so proud of their performances and the way they showed how long distance learning can have a powerful effect on your Jiu jitsu game. Thank you also to Gordon Ryan who did a very fine job of cornering both athletes – his experience in ADCC is such a help. Thank you also to BJJ Fanatics Bernardo Faria and Micheal Zenga, who came to watch their two most famous employees put on the best of their lives this weekend! Well done Giancarlo and Placido!